About Us



Mr. P. Marimuthu is the Founder and Managing Director of SARO GROUP of Companies. He is an extraordinarily dynamic, self-made business man. With his entrepreneurial spirit and far sightedness, he envisioned a plastic ancillary equipment manufacturing company in 1984, having innovation and customer requirement at top of its priorities. Mr. Marimuthu’s progressive thinking made him conscious of the needs to offer solutions to the packaging industry leading him to the inception of a company for manufacturing packaging materials in plastic.

Exhibiting innovativeness, unrelenting commitment and excellent leadership, he applied the latest international technologies for tailoring and designing packaging products, winning markets globally. He has been acknowledged to bring new phenomena to the industry by creating unprecedented milestones and achieving great success in both domestic and international markets all through strategic R & D and business development.

Mr. Marimuthu is one of the distinguished first generation entrepreneurs, who through dedication and vision carved a niche for himself in the domestic industrial environment and also sculpted a global reputation for himself and the Saro Group. From his humble beginnings to his huge success today, Mr. Marimuthu is a great supporter of nurturing local talents and budding entrepreneurs. He holds active posts in several plastic related associations and pledges himself to supporting and contributing to the plastic industry in India.

From the day of having found this enterprise and until today, he is committed to improve the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society. He continues to explore new horizons, his energy and creativity undiminished by his three decades in business. He continues to be a great believer in the importance of hard work to the optimum efficiency and in being as optimistic as possible, despite obstacles and hardships.


Quality Policy

To Deliver Defect Free and Safe Products with Continuous Improvement to Delight the Customer

We at SARO Group are committed to total customer satisfaction through defect free and safe products achieved through continuous reviewing and upgrading of Quality Management Systems.


  • To seek opportunities continuously for up gradation and development of products, manufacturing methods and resources.
  • Establish and review all key performance indicators to take corrective and preventive action when needed.
  • Timely delivery of quality products and services.
  • Achieve zero accidents, injuries and occupational illness
  • Meeting all applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • Working effectively as a team and communicating our Quality Policy to every employee through periodical trainings.
  • Periodically review and modify our Quality policy to maintain relevance with International Standards

Our Team

At SARO Group, our technicians come from across the global plastic industry and are experts in design, development, integration and service. This expertise is evident in our technology and our systems which exceed all critical industry specifications for precision, availability and reliability. We believe that they are the most innovative and talented technical staff working anywhere in the industry.



To Social Responsibility

SARO Group is deeply aware of its social responsibility and is committed to contribute to the society within which it is operating. In addition to investing in technology, we also believe in adopting best practices that help our companies to better manage the impact that our activities have on the environment. We are committed to sustainability in manufacturing and care for our environment by investing in technologies, facilities and designs to minimize energy and resource consumption and waste.

To Recycling Waste

Waste reduction and recycling is another major focus of our sustainable manufacturing efforts. At each of our facilities we track recycling metrics and continually seek ways to reduce waste – from reducing scrap on the manufacturing floor, to using less paper.

To Energy Saving

Arun Plasto Moulders has a long standing commitment to sustainability in manufacturing and care for our environment, investing to minimize energy and resource consumption and waste generated in our plastic injection molding processes and facilities.

We regularly track and review sustainable manufacturing metrics at each of our facilities, including kilowatts of power used per hour and per pound of resin, litres of water consumed and quantity of waste generated and reused, as part of our focus on continually improving our processes and investing in new energy efficient systems, technology and equipment to reduce our energy and resource consumption and waste.

To Community Services

Being committed to our employees and our community, we organize several events to promote the well-being of the people around us.