Saro Group, is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of plastic paddy trays in India. Our state of the art facility produces high quality trays satisfying a wide range of customers comprising of farmers, dealers and corporates. Through R & D we have designed a multitude of trays which can be used with Indian as well as imported rice transplanter machines. Being in the industry for more than a decade, we have established our brand image through consistent quality and strong supply network. Our huge production capacity complements our ability to supply agriculture trays with minimal lead time.

Why mechanized transplantation?

Transplantation is an important operation of paddy cultivation. Traditional method of transplanting by hands is a labour intensive operation which consumes 33% of rice production time. Hence farmers are switching over to mechanized transplantation. This process of using trays and rice transplanters has a comprehensive set of advantages over traditional transplantation.


  • Helps in saving water and fertilizers
  • Minimum labour is required
  • More land area can be covered
  • 50% of prime cost is saved compared to conventional method
  • This method provides 25% more yield than the conventional method
  • Seedlings are planted in an organized manner helping with weed management